A different experience, an excursion with an alpaca!

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Hiking with an alpaca: an unforgettable nature experience!

Create lasting memories on a one-hour nature walk with an adorable alpaca. Let yourself be transported by the beauty of the landscapes and the peaceful company of these fascinating animals.

Share a unique moment in symbiosis with nature and animals. Observe the surrounding nature and live in the present moment in the company of your alpaca.

Our passion, your happiness

We are simple people who like to share their passion for alpacas and nature. Our priority is the well-being of our animals and the preservation of the environment.

Join us if you share our values!

Important information

Please note that for a child aged 7 to 12, an adult must accompany their child. It is an alpaca for the child and his parent.

Have appropriate clothing, depending on the temperature:

  • comfortable clothing adapted to the temperature
  • MANDATORY: hiking shoes or espadrilles
  • PROHIBITED: flip-flops, sandals, strollers, baby carriers. Please note that, for safety reasons, the guide reserves the right to prohibit participants from the activity if he judges that their attire is inadequate.
  • ANIMALS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Thank you very much for respecting this instruction.

Bring: water for you if necessary. Product for the sun or mosquito repellent (we go to the forest). We do not have toilets on site or in the forest. Please plan ahead, especially with children.

ONLY ALPAGASELECT CAN CANCEL THE ACTIVITY AND IN THIS CASE, WE WILL REFUND YOU. So, if it’s raining, windy, snowing, etc., the activity still takes place. Our animals experience all four seasons without problem. 🙂
In the event of cancellation, you will be notified 3 hours in advance by email or the day before if your hike is the first in the morning. We’ll keep you informed.

IMPORTANT: We do everything in our power to make sure everything goes smoothly, and that’s what usually happens. We ask you to respect the guide’s instructions. The fact remains that these are animals and that even if everything is done safely, an unexpected situation can arise. This is why when you book automatically, you release all responsibilities of the owners and the ALPAGASELECT INC farm in the event of injury on the farm and anywhere we travel with the alpacas. You agree to live the experience and thereby understand that you are the only one responsible in the event of an accident for you and your children. By accepting your reservation by you or another person, you automatically release ALPAGASELECT from any current or future proceedings.

All reservations must only be made online via the reservation form below.

Winter, spring and autumn

Please note that for the available dates of hikes, we ask you to refer to our Alpagaselect Facebook community to find out about them.

For hikes, dates will be indicated depending on the temperature and our availability on our Alpagaselect Facebook page. Dates will be indicated if applicable during the week for the upcoming weekend. You will be able to book online at this time.

Prices and conditions


  • 7 to 11 years old: $25 + taxes
  • 12 years and over: $40 + taxes

Children under 7 years old:

  • 🚫 Not admitted for safety reasons 🦺 (including infants).


  • Each child aged 7 to 11 must be accompanied by an adult. ✅
  • One child per adult is eligible. ✅
  • Two children per adult are not admitted (proof of identity may be required). 🚫

Refunds and changes:

  • Due to high demand and limited numbers of alpacas, no refunds, no date changes and no compensation will be possible.

Optimal experience:

  • To maximize the experience, each individual will walk with their own alpaca.
  • Our goal is to create a unique bond between the animal and its human.

Things to remember before your visit 📋

  • ✔️ Arrive 15 minutes early ⌚️
  • ✔️ We respect the departure time of the hike
  • (with or without you) ⌚️
  • ✔️ Seasonal clothing (waterproof boots)
  • ✔️ Closed shoes required 🚫 🩴 🚫
  • ✔️ Head straight to the stable 🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙
  • ✔️ Outdoor toilet (only from June to August) 🚾
  • ✔️ Mosquito hunting in summer 🦟
  • ✔️ No pets allowed 🚫 🐾 🚫
  • ✔️ No refund, change of date, no cash value 🚫 💵 🗓️

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