A different experience, an excursion with an alpaca!

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The animal is at the heart of this activity which give you the possibility to create memories and special moments in a natural setting.

An excursion on a forest trail and in the fields with an alpaca. We offer you a one hour walk with this animal.
This is a unique experience where you are in touch with nature and the animal. Being in the present moment and observe nature.

We are simple people who want to share their passion. First of all, it is very important to remember that our priority is to take care of the animals and of nature. So if your values align with ours, please read the information below and come have fun with us!


Price per participant. Children of age 7 to 12 must share the alpaca with 1 adult. Participants who do not want to walk with an alpaca must pay the same price as those who will walk with an alpaca. – Please arrive on site 15 minutes before the planned departure time.

IMPORTANT: No refund or compensation if the guide as already left.

For safety reasons, children aged 6 and less and babies cannot partake in this activity.
Children aged 7 to 12 can participate. AlpagaSelect reserves the right to confirm the children’s age as shown on the medical insurance card.

If one adult wants to do the excursion without an alpaca, the cost remains the same.
Please note that children aged 7 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult. One alpaca for the child and its parent.

Please wear appropriate clothing adapted to the weather:

– comfortable clothes suitable to the temperature
MANDATORY: Hiking shoes or running shoes
BANNED: flip flops, sandals, stroller, baby carrier. Please note that for security reasons, the guide reserves the right to bar some participants to partake in the activity if their attire is inadequate.
ANIMALS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Thank you for following this rule.

Please bring: Water for you if necessary. Sunscreen or mosquito repellent (we will hike in a forest). We do not have toilets on site or in the forest. Please plan accordingly, especially for the children.

ONLY ALPAGASELECT CAN CANCEL THE ACTIVITY AND IN THIS CASE, WE WILL PROVIDE A REFUND. So, no matter rain, winds, snow, etc… The activity will still happen. Our animals are comfortable in all seasons. 🙂
If we have to cancel the activity, you will be informed three hours in advance par email or the day before if the excursion is scheduled in the morning. We will keep you updated.

IMPORTANT: We do everything we can to make sure the activity will go well and this is usually the case. We ask you to follow the guide’s directions. Please understand animals will be animals and even if everything is safe, there may some unexpected situations. This is why when you book your excursion, you indemnify the owners and the farm ALPAGASELECT INC against all liabilities in case of injury and in any place we go with the alpacas. You agree to live the experience and thus understand that you are the only one liable in case of accident for you and your children. If you or another person confirm the booking, you release automatically ALPAGASELECT from any pending or future actions.

All bookings must be made on the Internet with the booking form below.

Winter and spring:
Please note that for the available dates of the hikes, we ask you to refer to our Facebook community of Alpagaselect to know them.