A story of family and passion

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The idea germinated a few years ago, wanting to return to our roots, life in the countryside! It was after a family summer vacation and a visit to two alpaca farms that the adventure began.

In 2017, we had a crush for a 14-hectare farmhouse located in Lévis. The buildings date from 1836 and we retain the stamp of the past. We became owners of this one in July 2017 and we are moving with the family in the summer of 2018.

One thing leading to another, the first animals arrived in 2019. We participated in various seminars, farm visits, to better understand the camelid family. Jean is passionate about breeding, herd management and well-being. For my part, I focus on activities and products to make the animal and its benefits better known. The most important thing for us is first of all to share this universe with our two grown-up children and our two large respective families. Moreover, many participate actively in it according to their personal interest.

Now we are ready to share with people whose values match ours. Respect for nature, animals and people. If you feel like it, you are invited to reserve your places for a hike with one of our alpacas. I like to think that we are creators of unforgettable memories. Welcome to AlpagaSelect and finally we begin the adventure with you, lovers of animals and the great outdoors.

Our distinction

Located in the beautiful region of Chaudière-Appalaches, 15 minutes from the bridges, a special place to discover. We offer hiking with an alpaca, a privileged moment with the animal and in nature.

Linda Gagné is recognized by the Quebec craft fair as an artisan for her creations of cushion covers, wall murals and scarves using ancestral methods.

Our products are from Quebec, they are made directly on the farm.

For everything to work well, the hikes must be reserved online according to the available dates.

When we return, if you want to take the time to see our products, you will have the opportunity. A stress-free moment in the countryside, what a great privilege!

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