Felting, inspiration from the past!

It is said that felt is certainly the first textile made by man. We are talking about 6000 BC. Felted wool has always accompanied humans to keep them warm. Felt is not a woven fabric but is obtained from carded or combed wool under the joint effect of water, soap, friction and rubbing which cause the fibers to intertwine and weld together to each other to form this unique material that is used like a fabric. The use is virtually endless.

According to the literature, needle felting dates back to the 1980s. Needle felting looks a lot like sculpture but with carded wool as the material. Quilting the wool allows the fibers to cling and mix together, forming a solid mass.

It was by following a training course to felt a scarf that my interest began. Over time, I discovered needle felting. Now I mix techniques and continually try new ways. It is a great moment of creation, meditation and well-being.

I mainly use the fiber from our alpacas on our farm, which make up between 80 to 90% of the pieces. Merino wool in different colors gives me endless creative possibilities. The softness of the alpaca fiber is present in large quantities with a merino wool offering solidity to the creation.

Each piece is made in a positive energy and the feeling of offering a unique piece dedicated to a person who is just as much.

It is possible to see all my pieces in the shop on the website. I let myself be carried away by time to create a piece. I simply create and let myself go according to the fiber and the inspiration of the present moment.

Linda Gagné is recognized by the Quebec craft fair as an artisan for her creations of cushion covers, wall murals and scarves using ancestral methods.

Our products are from Quebec, they are made directly on the farm.

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