The alpaca fiber

Let’s talk about alpaca fiber and its benefits

There are many reasons to use this unique fiber. First, alpaca fiber is seven times warmer and three times stronger than sheep’s wool. This fiber is also soft to the touch. It is also hypoallergenic, water repellent and has a high insulating value.

It is an excellent alternative to settle the always wet feet.

Finally, the use of this fiber ensures that we reduce our impact on the environment. These animals have delicate feet (a bit like with cushions) so gentle on the ground. They feed on grass with their flat front teeth. Their teeth can cut the grass, much like a mower, causing less damage than a cow or a sheep which pulls on the plant, contributing to degrading the pastures. Its manure is not very odorous and works wonders in a garden or flower bed. Do we need to tell you about the magnificent look of this animal? Beautiful but also very quiet. Their way of communicating is soothing (huming).

By choosing alpaca, you are also helping to develop local purchasing from a small family farm in the Lévis sector. Our products are made exclusively in Quebec.

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