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Cushion covers

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Alpaca fiber comes from our alpacas. The complete processing of the fiber is carried out by hand, i.e. cleaning, washing, drying and carding of the fiber. Several hours are devoted to all these steps.

Subsequently, the basic canvas is made with 100% alpaca fiber. The canvas is felted with water, soap and friction. It takes about two to three hours to make a piece at this stage. Depending on the inspiration, certain elements will be felted by this same technique or even made by the technique of needle felting and often a mixture of the two. Hours are added based on complexity. The bigger the cushion, the more alpaca fiber we used.

The challenge lies in making the final product appear while respecting the properties of the fiber. By felting, the carded wool contracts and makes the canvas shrink. This is all the more true since alpaca wool is very fine compared to that of sheep. It becomes more difficult to maintain the desired effect while maintaining the desired dimensions.

Only one side of the cushions is felted. The other side is finished in raw cotton with a zipper.

Like a painting or a painting, each decorative cushion is unique.

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