Testimonials from our satisfied customers

"What a nice surprise to have found such a beautiful and warm place. A great welcome for my girlfriend and I and also a great way to see and learn more about alpacas! Thanks to the owners!"
- Mehdi Yacoub
"We loved the place, and the passionate people who look after their animals with real love. Thanks for the time, we'll see you again soon."
- Julie Malouin
"Beautiful moment shared with the alpacas and Yoga elevation, I can't wait to come back!"
- Stéphanie Boye
"WOW!!! Nice walk with Nelson and Zac on leash. We left with two pairs of socks and a big smile. A great experience accessible to everyone."
- Marjolie La Roche
"Beautiful alpaca farm a few minutes from the Quebec bridges . The owners really know their animals well and you can enter the pens to see the Alpacas up close and touch them."
- Marie-Pier Boulanger
"What a great experience with incredible generosity in sharing information from our hosts. I recommend it to everyone, it's such a therapeutic outing. Thanks to Chopin for all those little kisses!"
- Mylene Morissette
"What a wonderful experience! Passionate owners, who take good care of their animals and pass on their love of alpacas during the visit. I loved the experience and will definitely return! Superb products in the boutique! Thank you so much for the experience"
- Marie-Pierre Labrecque
"Nice visit with the owner of the Alpaga Sélect farm. A passionate man who shares a lot of information about raising his animals. Store also available to buy products."
- Emilie Carrier
"Superb family nature walk with alpacas! A memorable experience! Thanks to the friendly owners who took the time to share their passion for these gentle animals with us!"
- Mathieu Dumont
"It's great fun! The alpacas are sociable and adorable, the guide tells interesting stories. There's a store with cushion covers, socks of every color and size and paintings, all made of alpaca fiber! it was an unforgettable experience!"
- Polina S
"What a wonderful experience in the company of Jean and his alpacas. In just an hour's walk, he passes on his passion and knowledge of this magnificent animal! Wonderful place to discover."
- Patricia Noel
"I love your stockings. They have literally changed my life! My feet were always cold in winter. Since I've been wearing your stockings, combined with bamas, I stay comfortably warm and dry even if I spend a whole day outside. Thank you so much!"
- Johanne
"I bought alpaca stockings from you last fall and I've never had such good stockings that are so warm and stay dry. They are also very soft. I've been walking in them all winter and I love them. I'm going to buy a second pair when you come to the May show at Promenades Beauport. Thank you."
- Daniele Lachance